The first, mild, adjustment in the price of the ticket, after 14 years, comes into force following a ministerial decision published in the FEK.

A 9% increase in the price of tickets is foreseen.

The last increase (and) in the Interurban KTEL of N. Magnesia was implemented in 2010, when the transportation and operating costs were noticeably much lower than today.

As Interurban KTEL of Magnesia, we have absorbed all the "shocks" caused by the successive financial and health crises, first of all respecting society and our passengers. Inflationary trends continue to press, energy costs remain at high levels. As our sustainability and new investments for the benefit of the traveling public are being tested, it was deemed necessary for our company to implement the decision to realign.

As discussed in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the last 14 years, when our tariff policy remained stable, an estimated increase of 38% would fully cover the losses due to the steep increase in the cost of fuel, spare parts, maintenance, tolls, insurance premiums, salary adjustments, insurance contributions, etc.).

However, being fully aware of the difficult daily life of the citizen and taking into account the burdened family budget, a small adjustment of 9% was agreed, in order to deal with some of the increased operating costs.

The Interurban KTEL of N. Magnesia has been standing by the side of society for decades, serving thousands of passengers every day, applying discount policies for schoolchildren, students, teachers, socially vulnerable groups, families with three and more children, AmeA, military personnel, etc. It operates continuously, offering social project and is the most reliable companion in every movement of the citizen.

So we are committed to continue providing reliable and safe transport project, modern services, so that the bus remains the most popular means of transport.